About Us

Welcome to Paradigm Survival!

We are passionate about helping people maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Through information, ideas and products, our goal is to prepare you for independent living on your own terms, whether you want to go completely off grid or simply master survivalist techniques.

We believe being prepared means having the skills and supplies you need to survive in case of a national emergency, electrical blackout, local weather event, regional natural disaster, financial system collapse, widespread health crisis, political unrest, time of war or other circumstance when the people and community you typically rely on for assistance aren’t available to help.

Our wide variety of practical and innovative items is designed to help you achieve your preparedness goals. We hand-pick our selection based on what will add value to your ability to take care of yourself and your family in any situation. We are very selective about our choices, so you can shop with confidence knowing that we have your best interests at heart.

However, we offer more than just a pleasant shopping experience. At Paradigm Survival, we are committed to providing you the resources you need to be informed. We invite you to check out our:

  • Blog posts. Updated regularly, they address a wide variety of self-reliance topics
  • Access to Off Grid Survival and other news feed for details on the latest news, opinions and products
  • Book recommendations so you can read in-depth about gardening, electricity, shelter and other relevant topics

We have invested our time and resources into developing a website that it is easy to navigate, with information that you need to know whether you are just interested in learning more about an off grid lifestyle or have been working toward self-sustainability for years.

Make every moment working toward your goal count, with Paradigm Survival.