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The Best (And Safest) Way To Stockpile Gasoline

Gasoline Stockpiling? Stockpiling supplies for an emergency is at the very core of survival. Unfortunately, though, not everything stores well, especially when we’re talking about months and years. Most food items don’t store well, but we are able to make up for that by the way we preserve and package them. Other items aren’t quite…

Wildcrafting And Foraging Means Fabulous Food And Family Fun

Always ask landowners before wildcrafting and foraging. Wildcrafting is the term that people refer to for collecting wild plants. Wild plants often have strong healing properties and exceptional flavor. I have never tasted a store bought strawberry that compared in flavor to the tiny alpine ones that grow freely in wild places. All in all,…

Keeping Warm “Off-Grid” Without A Wood-Burning Stove

Keeping warm during a winter power outage can be difficult. The recent polar vortex hit Texas hard. While the entire country suffered with unexpectedly cold temperatures which lasted for days; no other state had as many people without power, without water and dying from the cold weather. But why should this be so? First, no…

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